Karen Valère has been conceiving and realizing events for 25 years… she organised over 60 parties with the following themes “Caranaval in Venice”, “The Lovers’ Party”, “Oriental Nights”, festive end of the year parties as well as original creations with incredible transformations: a dance floor with a real lake or a dancing club converted into a jungle… During the nineties, Karen Valère created many events for “l’Apocalypse, with Mr. Barry White.

The Art of La Mise-en-Scène…

Taylor-made weddings (in France or abroad), bar miztva, engagement, birthdays, hen parties, private parties… Karen Valere’s Agency is at your service to guide all your receptions. As a paintor observing an empty painting , together we will consider each of your requests to satisfy your expectations and add little by little the color, the shapes and the movement to reach the perfect finish. For your professional events, seminars, conferences, product launching , we offer you the right offer and a team of professionals will guide you during the realisation of your projects to create an unprecedented event.

“From my tender age, he estado bañada en el arte de la mesa y el arte de vivir. I really enjoy creating a mise en scène to reveive my friends and honor them as they deserve. La mesa es para mí un lugar mágico donde de mezclan el placer de los ojos y de las papillas… I like to tell a fairy tale with each dish to invite my invitees to a delicious and sweet dance. Cada lugar debe ser reinventado razón por la cual me pongo a su disposición para convertir su fiesta en un momento de excepción. Lo imposible existe en los sueños y yo estoy aquí para ayudarles a realizarlos.”